Ant Intelligence,The power of the ant,Ants Nest,Ant eggs
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The white insect,Ant Intelligence,The power of the ant,Ants Nest,Ant eggs

The White insect

Termites ar a sort of insect, living in massive colonies. though it's referred to as insect, it's totally different from ants. The insect is directly associated with the pinnacle within the abdomen, whereas within the traditional ants there's a transparent cleavage between them. This insect feeds on polysaccharide, Annually, on several furnishings, picket buildings, offices, books, carpets, clothes, grain stores, perennial trees and particularly palm trees, so inflicting nice economic losses in agriculture and in installations. Al Its death is death solely junction rectifier them to a beast of the planet eat Mnsoth) .sorh Sheba.

Ant shape

The length of AN hymenopteron from a pair of millimeter to twenty five millimeter for AN hymenopteron could be a massive head compared to its size, AN oval belly and atiny low waist with 2 jaws which will carry terribly serious objects for it, and additionally used for drilling. And it had 2 internal manduction food have 2 hymenopteronennas accustomed feel things - to style and smell the pinnacle of the ant contains
Head of hymenopteron
The Ant's head contains six legs, detector horns or antennae, and composite eyes which will see objects however see the hymenopteron being weak as a result of they pay most of their time below the dirt. within the dark, this eye is encircled by some fine bristles to shield it.

Termite colonies

Termites typically sleep in underground colonies, wherever life in these colonies is split into 3 basic layers: the employees 'layer, the soldiers' layer, and therefore the producer category of queens and kings answerable for breeding. The operating ants layer is invisible as long as it's discovered it's price mentioning that this cluster lives for concerning 5 years, additionally thereto they're characterised by having a yellow head and an outsized jaw, and therefore the length of the hymenopteron operating is concerning zero.63 cm, and therefore the layer of troopers, Less, their job is to shield the colony within the case of external attack, wherever the troopers use their defense. As for the category of queens and kings, they're dark brown or black, and have a combine of clear wings of equal length, and this layer is barely answerable for breeding within the colony.

The most common insect unfold

 The termites ar cosmopolitan, having 2750 totally different species, particularly in tropical rainforests everywhere the globe. they're found in North America, particularly in Vancouver and South American country, and ar situated on the Pacific Coast, jap Canada, the coast, and lots of additional. From the ecu countries, Asian country, northern Japan, Republic of South Africa, Australia, New island, and lots of different countries.

Social organization

Living colonies and therefore the size every|of every} colony to thirty thousand up to 2 million insect in each colony, and divided this Brobdingnagian colony into a bunch of denominations every of the operate and divided into sections:
* Workmen: the biggest proportion of the quantity and harmful and feed the members of the colony, that is that the main explanation for all the injury caused by the work hymenopteron and characterised by bound qualities, the foremost necessary that the colour is uninteresting and visual defect can't see.
* Soldiers: This section of the ants ar answerable for protective the colony and supply security for her. This section could be a straightforward proportion of the colony and characterised by sharp teeth and robust decomposition and darker color than the socio-economic class.
* Individuals: characterised by high fertility This section of the sect seems within the spring and time of year and is characterised as not blind to become queens and kings to determine new colonies happiness to them.
* Queen: every colony has just one queen and lives with one king and therefore the task of birthing|parturition|birth|giving birth|birthing} eggs and laying six eggs per minute and works to arrange the members of the colony and supervise their work.
* Termites colonies vary in size from one colony to a different, a number of that contain many termites and a few of them up to ample termites,
* colours vary from red, black, brown, white.
The termites use water and dust to create their colonies, and therefore the height of the tumble to three meters.


 The hymenopterous insect is one among the insects wherever it's one among the foremost common insects, and therefore the hymenopterous insect includes a complicated mind and it's thinking and conducting its own calculations additionally to the very fact that the ants during a state of affairs of attack or felt danger, it launches a warning, additionally to it the hymenopterous insect contains within the head on the two-century detector additionally the} legs also and therefore the hymenopterous insect includes a heap of secrets and wonders one example is that the hymenopterous insect is showing an explicit scent to depart a message to her family that she's going to die to bury it directly in order that insects and creep animals aren't maltreated and dead. Ants even have several edges from insect uptake, and that they conjointly activate the soil, that helps to induce air into the soil and conjointly fecundate flowers.
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