The last male rhino from Sumatra just passed away

The last male rhino from Sumatra just passed away,Male Rhinoceros
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 The last male rhino from Sumatra just passed away


Male Rhinoceros

Tam, the last male rhinoceros from Malaysia, left us this week. | Borneo Rhino Alliance

Malaysia's latest hope for rhino breeding in Sumatra has disappeared. Now there is only one female left in the country.

Tam, the thirty-year-old Sumatran rhino (the exact age unknown), and the last male of its kind in Malaysia, died Monday in the Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary, halting attempts to breed the species in the country.

Tam began to show signs of deteriorating health by the end of April, with loss of appetite and energy worsening as the days passed until May 27, where he let go his last breath.

Although the cause of his death is still unknown, clues suggest that his kidneys or liver would have malfunctioned. The origins of these failures are likely to be natural, with Sumatran rhinos living on average between 35 and 40 years.

However, this loss should not be taken lightly. Sumatran rhinos have been classified as extinct in the country since 2015. Reserve officials relied on Tam for progeny reproduction with Puntung and Iman, two equally captive females, through in vitro fertilization.

Puntung, who lived on the reserve since 2011, was euthanized 2 years ago because of an incurable cancer she had contracted. Imam is now the last representative of her kind in Malaysia.

It is estimated that only 80 Sumatran rhinos are currently living in the world, the majority being found on the island of Sumatra and in one area of ​​the island of Borneo. Their number is constantly decreasing. Human intervention is the main cause, with poaching and destruction of their habitat.

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One of the reasons for the difficulty of natural reproduction of this species is that it tends to live solitarily, unless you have to mate or raise offspring. In addition, females often show problems in their sexual organs, such as ovarian cysts, which eventually render them sterile.
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